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What we've done



Since 2006, INVENT has helped organizations both NGOs and companies to improve their visual communications and brand image.

We are enthusiastic to work for good people we put our life before them and believe that their reputation is our reputation.

We display our portfolio on our website to demonstrate our experience and flexibility of style to ensure you feel comfortable when selecting INVENT as your design service provider.



Provide a wide range of high level of creative design and printing
Finding a reliable, trustworthy and high quality of Services and Products can sometimes be as difficult as finding a good mechanic and this can deal with Invent Cambodia.
We know the importance of high quality design, and we compliment this with a print solution that not only looks good, but feels good by offering a huge range of printing mediums and finishes.


Offer a better more cost effective service than our competitors
We ensure our print/ design prices are competitive so as to provide our customers with the reasonable prices in the markets.


Quickly services address to client needs
We ensure that our time management is highly considered in terms of timely response to needs of clients. We are aware that all clients always need quick services to be done in high quality.